Get a NY Times Bestselling Author as Your One-on-One Post-Release Coach

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Are you thinking...

I know I want a book but how can I make sure the investment pays off?


How can I make the most of my book once it's released?

Welcome to our Book Boosting Service

Anna's story: 

"Once upon a time, I was an addict, someone who needed to dull out her feelings at all costs. Then something surprising happened: I realized I was an addict and got sober. And then something even more surprising thing happened: I wrote a book about my experience.

And then, to my utter surprise, I suddenly started being asked to appear on The Today Show, The Insider, Hannity, The Talk, Showbiz Tonight, The CBS Morning Show and more to discuss addiction. I gave three TEDx talks in one year and got paid great money to speak at colleges across the country

I’m not saying this to brag. I’m saying this because without a book, I was just a girl who went into an accidental k hole on her 26th birthday. WITH a book, I was one of the first people The Today Show called when something newsworthy related to addiction happened."

"I had no idea what it really took to put myself on the map as an author until I connected with Anna. I learned that I had more control than I thought I did when it came to how big of an audience my book could reach. My book is now in its second printing and is going to be reviewed in O Magazine."

Emily Bernard
Author of Black Is the Body: Stories From My Grandmother's Time & Mine

Our goal: for you to end up feeling like your book boost was the best investment you ever made.


  • For six months after your book release, Anna David will personally provide you (or your team member) with direction on:

  • Weekly blog posting: Guidance on how to convert sections of the book into 1000-word blog posts, with direction on where and how to post them in order to lead readers to the book (and ultimately to hire or work with you)

  • Weekly video posting: Guidance on how to record those posts as videos using apps that easily walk you through professional recording, with direction on where and how to post them in order to lead readers to the book (and ultimately to hire or work with you)

  • Weekly audio posting: Guidance on how to convert the videos to audio files, with direction on where and how to post them in order to lead readers to the book (and ultimately hire or work with you)

  • Regular Instagram/LinkedIn posting: Guidance on how to make those video and audio files, as well as existing photos and quotes from the book, into Instagram posts/stories as well as Linked In posts

  • Regular podcast promotion: Guidance on how to get booked on appropriate podcasts 

  • Guidance on how to use the book to gain clients directly as well as how to use the book to promote all business activities

    PLUS any other direction you'd like on how to make the most of your book


Frequently Asked Questions

The process is designed 100% around you. You have full access to Anna for six months to use as a sounding board and consultant.

While this process will result in promotion for you and your book, it is not traditional publicity in terms of us pitching you to media outlets. While we can refer you to outside publicists, this is your opportunity to have someone who's been able to use her books to create a six-figure business as your personal coach.

This is really for you to determine. We recommend looking at it this way: how much is it costing you not to make the most of your book, in terms of losing potential clients, speaking jobs and better business opportunities? Weigh that out and you should have your answer.


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